I am an experienced psychotherapeutic counsellor working in central Brighton and in Hove. I offer weekly one to one therapy, combining clinical knowledge with a down-to-earth and straightforward approach.


There are many reasons why people decide to come to therapy. It might be that you are feeling stuck and frustrated but you don’t know why, and you’d like the space and time to get clearer about what it is that is bothering you. Or, perhaps, you know what you want to explore but you would like some help to address those thoughts, feelings and behaviours that you find challenging. There is something both supportive and practical about taking some dedicated time each week to sift through the complexity of your life, and come to understand yourself and your motivations more fully. What therapy provides is a space to be really heard, with the kind of attention that is deeper and more focused than that available in everyday conversations. 


Some of the most common reasons for beginning therapy are to:

Reduce anxiety

Make sense of your depression

 Deal with a loss or bereavement

Process difficult childhood experiences

Improve your self-esteem

Cope with work related stress

Explore relationship difficulties

Over the years I have worked with men and women with a wide range of issues including: anxiety, depression, bereavement and loss, trauma, sexual abuse, low self esteem, anger, disordered eating, obsessive thinking, affairs and betrayals, bullying, work-related stress, identity issues, loneliness, life transitions, relationship problems.


With the safety of an inviting, confidential and non-judgemental space in which to express and explore your thoughts and feelings, you will begin to develop a kinder and more open relationship with yourself. The desire to know yourself, be yourself and express yourself authentically is often the deeper reason for choosing to undertake a course of therapy.


What ever your motivation you are most welcome to contact me to discuss the possibility of working together.