Integrative Relational Transpersonal


Weekly counselling offers you some dedicated space and time to explore and understand the influence of your past and the realities of your present. If you choose to work with me, I hope you will find me to be warm, down-to-earth and non-judgemental. I bring to my counselling practice a genuine curiosity about people and their problems and a desire to help you come to know, accept and appreciate yourself and your motivations more fully.


‘Integrative’ means I draw on a range of approaches, tailored to your particular needs. My work is informed by concepts and ideas from Jungian, Gestalt, relational, psychodynamic, neuroscience, attachment, body psychotherapy and family systems theory as well as developmental and archetypal psychology. What is most important, however, is your uniqueness and individuality.


Because a good working relationship is central to effective therapy, and because relationship problems are central to much of what we struggle with in life, I offer a relational approach to counselling. This means that we will use the relationship we build together in the therapy room to help you to explore your patterns of relating to other people in your life, outside of therapy. 


‘Transpersonal’ means that which goes beyond the personal. This includes: the influence of wider society and culture; the significance of the natural world and the realm of dreams, creativity, the imagination and spirituality. I have an active interest in the work of Carl Jung and his followers and, if it feels relevant, you are warmly invited to explore those aspects of your life that exist beyond the everyday and purely rational.